LRSD: School bus shot at, student injured & windows shattered

Little Rock Police are searching for the person who shot at a school bus.

The driver of First Student Bus #050 was on Burnell Street around 4:30 Wednesday afternoon when someone shot at the bus several times with an air gun, according to Little Rock School District spokesperson Pamela Smith.

Smith said the driver immediately stopped at 7725 Burnell Street and called police and district security officials.

A 9th grade Parkview High School student was grazed by a pellet. A LRSD safety and security officer took her home. The officer met with her mother who then took the student to the hospital where she was treated at a hospital for the injury to her left cheek. Two bus windows were also shattered.

The school district said they will have safety and security units out Thursday morning and afternoon patrolling the area where the shooting happened.

Parkview High School parents were notified about the shooting by ParentLink, a system that sends phone calls and emails to families, around 7:15 Wednesday evening.

The suspect was wearing a black shirt, red shoes and a red jacket. If you have any information about this shooting, please call police.