Security director calls LRSD officer arrests "disappointing"

The Little Rock School District's director of security is responding after two school security guards are arrested for alleged sexual assault of a minor.

School officials said both men completed a hiring process including background checks.

Bobby Jones, LRSD director of security, said because substitute security officer positions are part-time, there is a high turnover. He added they do everything they can to check each applicant thoroughly.

"When things happen now and then and unfortunate things happen, it's a reflection on everybody who has done a good job," Jones said.

Robert Myles, 39, was arrested January 29 and charged with two counts of sexual assault.

Tuesday, Miguel Cazares, 43, was also arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a minor off campus.

Both had been employed as substitute school security officers.

"The vast majority of our security officers are good, hardworking people who would do anything in the world to protect a child," Jones said.

Jones called the two officers' arrests "disappointing."

Both officers had passed background checks before being hired.

Applicants first apply online and are given a background check, according to Jones.

They then do a written test and a physical, and background references are checked.

Applicants must also pass a drug test.
The District's administration is now reviewing the cases to see if changes to the system need to be made, according to Jones.
"You look at it and you analyze it and you say is there something we can do, is there something we did wrong," Jones said. "If there is, correct it."
Jones estimates between 150 and 200 people apply for the substitute officer positions per year. He added there are approximately 20 substitute officers on the list currently, ready to be called in to work.