Mailbox Bash

Texting while driving is not advised by anyone...even an industry that benefits from the practice.

Business is booming for mailbox builders. You likely know somebody who has hit a mailbox with their vehicle. Usually it results in a lost rear view mirror and dents or scraped paint.

But one man thinks one pair of mailboxes could do more harm than that.

Five days ago a burgundy Hyundai hit a pair of brick mailboxes along Kanis Roadand left some souvenirs behind.

"I was surprised it didn't happen sooner," says Ken Williams.

Ken Williams drives past these mailboxes every day. And in his opinion, they have been builtand now rebuilttoo close to the road.

There isn't much shoulder along this stretch of Kanis, but other mailboxes are set back a bit further.

Williams says these mailboxes are not only closer to the road than most, he says they are much more solid than most.

"It's like having a car parked along the road or a telephone pole right against the road," says Williams. "It won't move because it is too large. So it is going to do some significant damage if anything hit it."

There is no county ordinance that says how far a mailbox has to be off the road.

The U.S. Post Office doesn't have a rule either. The county advises homeowners 25 feet from the center line. The director of county roads and bridges asked that these mailboxes be moved back a bit.

Barbara Richard says the request was rejected.

"They're building it where they were told to build it," says Williams. "But the county contacted them and told them to move it and they didn't move it, sothey're rebuilding it and they'll probably move it now."

If the county is serious about getting these newly constructed mailboxes moved back, the matter will likely have to be heard before a judge.

Air date: March 15th, 2013