Update: WLR Fire Destroys 16 Apartments

27 residents have been displaced and one person was injured after a fire ripped through a West Little Rock apartment complex building. It happened just before four o'clock Sunday afternoon at Pleasant Pointe Apartments on Green Mountain Drive.

The fire department says one woman was injured when she jumped out the window of a second story apartment. She is expected to be okay.

Investigators think the fire started when a four year old child was playing with matches in a first floor unit.

The entire 16 unit building appears to be a total loss according to the fire department.

Captain Jason Weaver with the Little Rock Fire Department says, "Be really careful leaving smoking materials out, matches, lighters, anything the kids can get a hold of. The little guys are curious and they will get on and just want to play and do the things they see mom and dad doing so just be really careful with your fire and smoking materials."

Captain Weaver says in the past five months there have two other fires at Pleasant Pointe Apartments but in different buildings. As for this residents displaced by Sunday's fire, the property management plans to relocate them by Wednesday. In the meantime the Red Cross is stepping in to help.

Photo courtesy of KATV's Todd Yakoubian.