Makeover program helps women battling cancer "Look Good, Feel Better"


Battling cancer can rob a woman of her energy, appetite and strength.{}But it doesn't have to take away her self confidence.Applying lipstick, mascara and other beauty products is a daily routine for some. For others, it's a new look to inspire a new outlook."Sometimes it can be hard to see such a drastic change in such a small amount of time," explained Erica Williams, 30, who is currently battling breast cancer. "When I was first diagnosed, I didn't tell a lot of people."Diagnosed for the first time just days before her 26th birthday, she wasn't one of the breast cancer warriors seen in hot pink and sequins putting those around them without cancer to shame with their seemingly limitless energy, smiles and words of encouragement.Erica hid treatment from friends and even some family."I can definitely understand people being withdrawn because at a point in my life it was one of those things I didn't want to discuss with people," Williams said. "I tried to hide for a very long time just because of the stigma of being labeled a sick person."When she was diagnosed again two months three months ago she found it harder to hide.She was the perfect candidate for a free American Cancer Society program called Look Good, Feel Better.It's a guided makeover where patients are matched with products for their skin and taken through a step-by-step application process.{}Cosmetologist Arline Jackson said the women leave with makeup supplies and new skills but more importantly, they leave with new confidence."From the time we go from the cleansing, the foundation, the eyes the lips and all, and they look in the mirror and think, I did it!" Jackson said. "Right there is the number one home run right there."After her tutorial, Erica admitted she almost didn't come. She lost her hair last week and is dealing with acne from the chemotherapy. It was easier to hide. Her mother encouraged her to be brave. {}"I do feel better," Williams said. "I'm glad I didn't chicken out or back out and I'm glad I came and participated in the makeover and I hope I'll be an inspiration to others to step out there and continue living life because you have to do that."For more information on the Look Good, Feel Better program, click here.If you or someone you know is interested in participating in a Look Good, Feel Better makeover, you can email us at