Malvern changing ambulance companies after 27 years

(KATV) Promed is the ambulance company that's been in Malvern for27 years. After they went to the city looking for an exclusive contract, thecity took bids and pro-med lost. Now some residents say they're worried.

Sydna Kuykendall is concerned the city is dropping pro-med ambulancesand negotiating a bid with life-net. The current bid could reduce the number ofavailable ambulances."I just feel like that it's a real danger to the people everywhere in ourcounty not to have the same good service we've always had," said Kuykendall.

Promed sent flyers to residents comparing the price of the twoservices. For example a typical call under Promed would be around 600 dollars.Promed says Lifenet's cost for the same call would be over a thousand dollars.

The city attorney says the flyers weren't correct and that a typical call wouldonly be around 700 dollars. He says an ambulance committee reviewed everything.

"According to the ambulance committee the prices werecomparable. Very close to one another," said Malvern city attorney JamesGraham.

But pro-med says they stand behind their price assessmentand even had email from Lifenet stating the average emergency billing for lastyear was $1,079.

Graham says the city is receiving no money from the bid and has no politicalmotive to select one over the other. "They scored it point by point and Lifenet came out on top," Graham said.The spokesperson for Promed says they're surprised the city dropped them andthey met every point of excellence the city looked at. Kuykendall and othersenior citizens are gathering signatures to be taken to a community inputmeeting next Monday.