Man accused of hijacking Jacksonville school bus faces litany of charges

Nicholas Miller, 22

JACKSONVILLE (KATV) - A bus in route to Pinewood Elementary school in Jacksonville was taken on a detour Thursday morning when a man wielding a knife hijacked the Pulaski County Special School District bus.

The school bus wasn't the first vehicle 22-year-old Nicholas Miller of Jacksonville tried to hijack that day, according to police. Captain Kenny Boyd said Miller tried to take over a woman's personal car but wasn't successful. Miller then saw a bus stopping along its route in the 1000 block of North First Street and took advantage of the situation.

"The suspect went and jumped on the bus and the bus started traveling north on North First," said Boyd.

Police found the bus moments later and started chasing it. State Police helped in the chase along with Cabot Police. Law enforcement set out stop sticks, but Miller pulled over before hitting them and the near 10-mile chase ended at the corner of State Highway 5 and Mountain Springs Road.

Miller has a history with Jacksonville Police. He was arrested on charges of breaking and entering, battery and drug possession. He was released on those drug charges on October 4.

At last check, Jacksonville police couldn't give a motive but Deb Roush, spokesperson for Pulaski County Special School District, believes video attained from the bus's security cameras should help in figuring that out.

Miller faces 12 counts of kidnapping - one for each child plus the bus driver - along with two counts of aggravated assault as well as one count of vehicle piracy, dwi drugs, refusal and reckless driving.