Man arrested in Missouri after fleeing Arkansas authorities

Vernard Deatherage, 42

AVA, Mo. - The man who reportedly fled from Baxter County deputies in a car was captured over the weekend in Missouri.

Vernard Deatherage, 42, was reportedly on the side of Baxter County Road 15 around 1:45 Sunday afternoon with the hood up on his 1987 Dodge pickup when a deputy pulled over to ask if he needed help. According to deputies, Deatherage didn't have a license or identification of any kind and drove off when the deputy returned to his vehicle even when he was told to stop.

During the chase that followed, Deatherage reportedly hit speeds of 90 miles per hour until he hit the Missouri state line. The Baxter County deputy had to stop since Deatherage left his jurisdiction but he called Missouri law enforcement, who began searching for Deatherage.

Deatherage was found several hours later in Ozark County, Missouri, and arrested on several charges. He is being held in Missouri in lieu of a $10,000 bond.