Man beaten, in ICU after wedding party brawl

L-R: Jessie, Harley, Michael

JACKSONVILLE (KATV) A Friday night brawlbreaks out at a wedding party at a Jacksonville bar & grill. It is sure tobe a memorable day, for the wrong reason.

Jacksonville police are still workingto determine if the party was a shower for the engaged couple or a reception afterthe wedding.

Jacksonville police were called to Hardrider's Bar & Grill because Michael Bryant allegedly hit his wife for dancing with the victim, Doug Smith. Several fights followed.{}A witness tells Channel Seven that Doug did dance but his girlfriend was at the party with him.

When police arrived, Doug Smith was unconscious, bleeding from his head. Employees and customers say Jessie Brittain, 36, knocked Smith to the ground, kicking and punching him as he lay unresponsive.{}

Sgt. Richard Betterson adds, "We are hoping through the surveillance video, the detectives will be able to identify other suspects which may be arrested in the future."

The suspect's brother, Harley Brittain was also at the party. Harley even stopped by the hospital to check on his best friend. So you can imagine Doug's family's shock, when Harley was arrested. He was also charged with battery first degree of Doug after been picked out of a line up.

Doug is in serious condition, his brain shifted during the attack. He is in a medically induced coma.

Sgt. Betterson explains, "The prosecutor has the ultimate say so on whether the charges are upgraded. If he does pass away, then the prosecutor's office will make that decision whether they charge him at a higher charge."

In addition the original allegation for hitting his wife, Bryant has been arrested for being involved in the beating. He is being charged with 3rd degree domestic battery, obstruction of government operations, possession of marijuana and batter 1st degree.

Because of this incident, Jessie Brittain's federal probation has been revoked. He is being held on no bond for U.S. Marshalls. In September he was arrested for conspiracy to distribute roughly $1.5 million dollars in meth.

Doug's family gave Channel Seven this statement:{}"This has been a very unfortunate incident which included, Harley. They are life long friends. Doug has always been a very kind person and always willing to go the extra mile to help someone. This vicious attack has not only severely injured Doug, but also will affect many other lives of the family members involved. The prognosis for Doug is uncertain at this time. The family is just taking things one day at a time. We know God is in charge and we have faith that he will bring us through this horrible ordeal. We ask for continued prayers for Doug and justice to be served." {}