Man charged with murder after stabbing

GARLAND COUNTY (KATV) - A man faces murder charges after stabbing a victim to death in Garland County Friday evening.

In a statement, Garland County Sheriff's Department spokesman Lt. James Martin said around 10 p.m., deputies were called to Amity Rd. near the intersection of S. Moore Rd. for reports of a bloody and beaten man flagging down traffic. The man was later identified as 40-year-old Shea O'Neill.

Lt. Martin said around the same time, 23-year old Eston Hogue was suffering from a stab wound to his neck, when he and two others arrived in a vehicle at a Hot Springs hospital. Hogue eventually died of his injuries.

The occupants of the vehicle told an off-duty officer that O'Neill stabbed Hogue after getting into an argument with him. Lt. Martin said they told investigators all four of them were going to smoke marijuana and had pulled over to use the restroom when incident happened.

Lt. Martin said O'Neill told investigators a conflicting a story; stating the female driver picked him up earlier and two men hiding in the back seat suddenly repeatedly hit him in the head. O'Neill told investigators he stabbed Hogue to defend himself after one of his attackers took away his gun.

After hearing both stories, Prosecuting Attorney Steve Oliver charged O'Neill with second-degree murder.

O'Neill was taken to a hospital for observation, due to the injuries he sustained during the incident.

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