Man crashes car into home, six people inside

BAXTER COUNTY (KATV) - A Baxter County man is arrested after crashing his car into a home.

Brian Merrifield failed to stop at a stop sign and traveled 209 feet through a yard, according to authorities.

Merrifield, 35, struck a hot tub on the back patio of Donald Mears' home. The impact took out two walls and pushed a family room sofa across the room, hitting Mears' 13-year-old son who was watching television.

The Honda Accord just missed a bedroom where two other children were sleeping.

Although officers said there were two adults and four children in the residence at the time of the incident, no one was injured.

The house, however, sustained damage estimated at $75,000.

Merrifield is charged with a drug-related DWI, possession of drug paraphernalia and careless driving.

He is being held on $1,310 bond.