White Co. Sheriff's Office investigating after dead dogs found dumped in ditch

WHITE COUNTY (KATV) - Dead dogs along a White County road has led police to investigate.

But a Kensett man says he knows who's killing and dumping the animals and he doesn't want him to get away with it.

David Baker says he had his suspicions that the man responsible for rescuing local pets is killing them. When Baker's cat vanished he began following the animal control officer's tracks only to find a gruesome trail of dead dogs.

"When I came up on them, one had its throat cut. The next one up the road had its head bashed in," said Baker.

Thursday David Baker found four dead dogs brutally killed and dumped in a ditch. The grisly discovery in Kensett has the White County Sheriff's Office investigating who's behind it.

"I found five dogs in other places around town, I'd find various dogs laying in back roads through here," he said. "I found a dog here and there's four more of them down the road."

But it wasn't a surprise to Baker. He says he knows who's responsible.

"I honestly believe that the city dog catcher was killing them," said Baker.

Baker's neighbor found his cat, Gizmo, caught in a trap. The neighbor gave it to a local animal control officer. Baker says things took a strange turn when questions about his cat went unanswered.

"I know for a fact he had the cat because the guy who caught him in a trap told me he gave it to him," said Baker.

That's when Baker decided to follow the officer and ended up getting much more than he asked for.

"I had seen him about 15 minutes prior to finding these dogs come down this road," said Baker.

Messages left for the officer were not returned. He told investigators he won't talk until he consults his lawyer.

"I don't know what they should do. I know he shouldn't be a dog catcher no more," said Baker. "That is no way to treat an animal, period."

Investigators still have not been able to determine the cause of death for these dogs.

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