Man found guilty of murdering Little Rock teenager

(KATV) Little Rock - Michael Sadler has been found guilty.

On May 10, 2012, witnesses told Channel Seven they saw Michael Sadler run over a 14 year old riding his bike. The boy was later identified as Michael Stanley Jr.

According to police, the boy stole Sadler's wallet, fled on his bike and Sadler chased him by car. The boy died from his injuries. Sadler is also accused of beating the teenager after running over him.

In July 2012, Sadler pleaded not guilty and a trial date was set. Wednesday, January 30, the jury returned after 30 minutes of deliberations with a verdict, guilty of second degree murder. He originally faced a first-degree murder charge.

The court is now in the sentencing phase of the trial with another round of testimony. Michael Sadler's attorney, David Cannon told Channel Seven, "I believe the jury will take that into consideration that Mr. Stanley put himself in a position he's not your normal innocent 14 year old this kid was skipping school and robbing people."

Stay with and Channel Seven for developments in this story.