UPDATE: Man killed in standoff with police in Judsonia

(KATV) White County - A Judsonia man was shot and killed early Tuesday morning during a stand-off with police. Charles Martin's neighbors called police around 8 Monday night to report that he fired a gun outside his home. When police arrived, Martin barricaded himself in his home until he reportedly got into a shootout with officers.

The five hour stand-off ended when State Police sent a robot into his home. They say Martin shot at it and at the SWAT team. They returned fire and Martin was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Crime tape still surrounds 117 Meadowview Circle. A board blocks entrance to 40-year old Charles Martin's home that is now evidence. Trees knocked over are a reminder of the events. Tuesday afternoon, people left flowers and notes outside Martin's home.

Lillian Breshears points from her home, "We are home 114 and he is 117 so we are close."

Breshears moved to the neighborhood in March and never met Martin.

She recalls, "Our neighbor called us about 8 o'clock and said Charles Martin had threatened a little girl, said he was going to cut her head off. Then he shot a gun down this way."

Breshears' husband heard the shot that was reportedly aimed their direction.

Authorities were called to the home on Highway 367 just north of Judsonia. Upon arrival in the neighborhood, state police say a Judsonia police officer attempted to make contact with Charles Adrien Martin but did not get a response. State Police SWAT took over and closed off the street. "I didn't really fear for my life. We stayed inside like they told us to do with the lights off. We watched out the window."

Authorities say officers drove to a neighboring home to talk to a resident about the situation, the 40-year-old man stepped out of his house and shot at the officer. Martin then stepped back inside his home and refused to come out.

Shortly after 10 p.m., the Arkansas State Police SWAT arrived to help assistant local authorities in getting Martin out of the home. After about 1 a.m. Tuesday morning, state police used a robot to gain entry inside Martin's home. Authorities say that's when Martin opened fire on the robot and then directed gunfire toward officers.

State Troopers returned fire, wounding Martin. He was rushed to a White County hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Since the incident, she has learned more about her neighbor. "It is just a sad situation that he served our country but he had to die this way. He was ex-military and was taking medication. I don't know what sparked this."

Breshears says the helicopter kept her from falling asleep and at about 1 am she got out of bed. "Before I got to the living room I heard shots. It was kind of, pop,pop,pop,pop, something like that." She concludes, "I'd like to know what happened. I am sorry for the family and our hearts and prayers go out to them."

Charles Martin's dad told Channel Seven that he asked police to allow him through to ask his son to surrender, but they didn't let him pass the police line.

Martin lived alone and did not have kids.

The incident is under review by the State Police Office of Professional Standards. The case file will be handed over to the White County Prosecuting Attorney's office when their investigation is complete. The Prosecuting Attorney will determine if the use of deadly force by law enforcement officers in the incident was consistent with state law.