Man Shatters Car Window to Rescue Baby Inside Sweltering Car

A Pine Bluff Walmart customer broke a window{}Wednesday afternoon to rescue a baby from a hot car after an employee heard the baby's cries.

"Well, when{}I was coming off my job{}I was going to my car, and there was right there right park right parked right next to me and{}I just heard the baby screaming and hollering," said Walmart employee, Becky Turner.

"I tried all the doors and windows. They were locked. I had to{}- there wasn't a dry bone on her... No," said Thomas Mitchell, the man who rescued the child.

{}The baby was taken to a hospital for observation.

Pine Bluff Police took the father, Kevin Spink, from Plattville, Wisconsin into custody.

Spink is charged with first degree endangerment of the welfare of a minor, which is a felony.