Man tied up in shower during Hillcrest home invasion

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A Little Rock man was tied up in his own shower during a chaotic home invasion reported to police in the Hillcrest neighborhood.

Drew Liles, 26, says he was asleep in the guest house he was renting on the 2500 block of Kavanaugh Blvd Monday morning when he two men broke in, punched him, and robbed him.

"I was scared of course," he said via telephone. "I really didn't think they were going to hurt me or anything like that. I just kept praying, 'God keep me safe' kind of a thing."

He says the two intruders went through the front and made out with more than seven thousand dollars' worth of items, including four guns, an Apple computer, and a television.

Police believe Robert Holmes Jr, 21, pictured on the left, is one of the men who kept Liles in a shower during the 20 minute ordeal.

"He tied my feet up with electrical cord and then he tried to tie my hands up with a belt but he just wasn't smart enough to pull that off," said Liles, now resting with his family in Louisiana.

Liles, a local nurse, regrets not keeping his firearms closer to him as the intruders were able to snatch them before he could get out of his bed.

Just a half a mile away from the Monday incident, Anne Orsi recalls being a victim of her own terrifying home invasion in December.

"They held a gun on me went through the entire house," said Orsi. "They ransacked the entire house."

Orsi is one of 76 victims of reported Little Rock residential burglaries last year. Since December 2012, three were reported to police in the Hillcrest neighborhood.

"No one expects this to happen and certainly not in your home where you expect to be safe," she said.

Orsi, who has lived in her Hillcrest home for five years, says she has been able to find comfort since the incident through posting on the popular "Forbidden Hillcrest" Facebook page.

She still has trouble sleeping at night now and for Drew Liles, he has trouble seeing himself living in Hillcrest much longer.

"I think it's time to move out to the country a little bit," he said.

The four men linked to Orsi's home invasion have been arrested, but no arrests have been made in Monday's incident.