Manly Minute: Up Your MPG

With gas prices hovering around $3.25 per gallon as we head towards a busy travel holiday, this "Manly Minute" report aims at improving your vehicle's performance.

If your Labor Day plans will take you out of state, there are a few things you might need to do before you leave...and they might save you some money.

When people with vehicle trouble visit Center Street Auto Service in downtown Little Rock, owner Alec Rook often notices other problems that impact fuel efficiency.

"Yeah I see a lot of it," says Rook. "I mean when they come in for service...of course I have my regular customers that try to stay on it but...I'm as guilty as all of them. I overlook tire pressure on my personal vehicle. But it does make a big difference."

The mass airflow censor monitors the air intake into the engine. If it is dirty it can reduce efficiency. They can be cleaned.

The O2 sensors monitor the exhaust coming out of the engine. Faulty sensors can also cause poor fuel economy. They need to be replaced.

Spark plugs should be changed out every 100,000 miles and air filters should be replaced at least once a year.

And if tires are worn out, under-inflated or out of alignment it can greatly lower miles per gallon.

"You could see three to five miles per gallon on the road" says Rook.

Rook says most people can handle checking their tire's air pressure and their vehicle's fuel filter, but he advises leaving the inspections of spark plugs and sensors to the professionals.

Air date: August 27th, 2013