Manly Minute: Gluten sensitivity

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - The foods we eat could be directly impacting headaches, according to a local doctor.

Gluten sensitivity in men is becoming more common - as well as severe headaches caused by foods with gluten in them. While many still don't know about it, Epoch Health reports one in 12 people suffer from the disorder. The most disconcerting thing is many don't realize it's their diet that's causing their pain.

Gluten sensitivity has even been genetically linked so if a relative has it, you're at greater risk for developing the condition as well. Dr. Jeremy Worford with Epoch Health said if you do have it, you'll notice the effects within a few hours of eating foods with gluten.

"This is more than just a tension headache," said Dr. Worford. "This is a full blown migraine often times, where it's disabling. Guys really are trying to pay attention, what is causing this type of headache. They might see their physician who would recommend dietary changes of various types."

Gluten-rich foods include wheat, barley and rye - that means gluten sensitive patients have to eliminate most fast food, pasta, pizza, bread and even beer.