Manly Minute: Going for the Green

A lush green lawn is the goal of many men. But many things can get in the way of that goal: pets, kids, bugs, bad weather.

This "Manly Minute" includes some grass growing tips, starting with another thing men battle when they work to improve their yards: weeds.

The difference between a well maintained, well watered and well treated lawn...and one that is obvious.

"This lawn has not been maintained very well," observes John Carr with Fairway Lawns as we look over a yard in west Little Rock.

Carr treats the green lawn next door and says with a little TLC the lawn we are examining could be much improved.

"The first step is identifying the problem," advises Carr.

"How hard is it for a 'do-it-yourself-er' to identify the problem?"

"Well sometimes it can be hard even for the professional," says Carr.

Thin patches might mean a tree needs pruning to allow for more sunshine.

Large dry patches could be caused by heavy foot traffic or insufficient watering.

Spreading brown or dead patches could be caused by disease or bugs.

"If the 'do-it-yourself-er' has the will power or the willingness to do what it takes to get a nice lawn...yes they can," says Carr.

Carr says regular mowing and proper watering is the key to improving your lawn.

He says in most cases mulching is better than bagging grass.

And the thing Carr stresses the most: if you are going to apply pesticide, herbicide or fungicide to your carefully and follow the instructions.

Air date: May 28th, 2013