Manly Minute: Sully explains why skin care is key to a long, healthy life

Skin care can be the difference between a long, healthy life and a deadly cancer such as melanoma.

A recent consumer research study showed only 25 percent of men use any type of special facial skin care product.

Experts say to start out with you should use a different soap or moisturizing soap for your face than you do for your body. Make a habit of washing your face twice a day with warm water and rinse with cold water and be sure you get your neck.

If you golf, fish or spend any significant time outside, it's a good idea to use a daily moisturizer with at least SPF 15. This will protect you from ultra-violet rays which can cause skin cancer.

Another tip: Take your time shaving. Be sure to always shave in the direction your hair grows and don't go over any area of the face more than once. Hitting the same spot multiple times or shaving against the direction your hair grows can irritate the skin.

Other things that are good for your skin include exercise and sweat. While it might not make you smell sweet, sweating is actually good for your skin because research shows it opens up and unclogs pores.