Manly Minute: Snoring could make you less attractive

It's no doubt an annoying problem, that can keep our wives up all night, but, could those strange sounds be making you ugly?

A study out from University of Michigan researchers on sleep apnea, claims that apnea sufferers who get treatment, appear more attractive than those who don't.

Researchers used a face mapping technique, and a panel of independent appearance raters to judge the before-and-after photos of 20 middle-aged apnea patients who used CPAP- a device used to breathe better, and snore less. They found the patients had puffier foreheads and redder faces before treatment.

The judges noted that the patients were likely to look more alert, more youthful, and more attractive in the post-treatment photos. They also correctly picked the after-treatment photo two-thirds of the time.

Doctors say lifestyle changes like losing weight, avoiding alcohol close to bedtime, or sleeping on your side can help stop snoring, but you may need to see a doctor if you think you have sleep apnea. It's a condition that can put sufferers at a higher risk for heart-related problems.

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