Manly Minute: Try reading to be more attractive, interesting

In this week's "Manly Minute," we're focusing on men who are maybe trying to turn the page upstairs, and make themselves more attractive mentally to women.

Reading may be just the answer.

Ok men people around you, including women, find you a little more interesting if you read. It can also teach about subjects you had no idea about.

While you're thinking about doing some spring cleaning, why don't you guys clean off the shelves and think about some spring reading?

Believe it or not, more men out there are writing books targeted at fellow gentlemen. We even found a book club dedicated to manly books for men to read.

It even gives you a goal of a book to read each month.

One of the experts in the book world tells us reading contributes more to your resume as a man.

"When you read things you pick up stuff. It doesn't have to be kind of a studying academic kind of pastime because it's wonderful for relaxation," said Susan Gele with the Central Arkansas Library System.

"It's wonderful for finding out a little bit about a subject."

Improved memory and vocabulary have also been linked to constant reading in men.

If you'd like to learn about some great books that are classified as manly try this "Ultra Manly Book Club,":

To find these books in your area at a local library try the Central Arkansas Library System's catalog at: