Many without power staying in warming shelters

Many families have decided to leave their homes in the dark and head to warming shelters like the one behind me. Today{}I speak to one family who is getting ready to spend their third night of what could end up being a week outside of their homes.

"I want to go home," said Tyrin Scott.

It's a sentiment most people feel after spending a third night outside of their homes. The Scott family lost their power Christmas night.

"The phone had just went off and then the lights had went out and we were out that whole night," said Scott.

Tamra Gore, who oversees the shelter, has heard the stories of those looking for a warm place to sleep.

"Just difficulties, their cold, they're losing their food in the refrigerator it's right after Christmas money's tight," said Gore.

The church is doing their best to make their guests feel at home, giving the food and even keeping them entertained.

"Have food snack, take care of the kids, have toys because a lot of them had to leave their Christmas toys at home and we've supplied toys," said Gore.

And although the church can't recreate their homes the effort is appreciated.

"It's good to have a place in out the cold warm three meals a day," said Ruel Scott.

The Northside Church of Christ will be open for anyone who needs a place to stay until at least Sunday.