One marijuana proposal rejected, another seeking signatures for election

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -- Although the Arkansasattorney general's office recently rejected wording for a proposed amendment tolegalize marijuana in the state, another proposal may still make the Novemberballot.

Twenty states, includingWashington, D.C., have some sort of law that makes marijuana legal, and multiplegroups are working to add Arkansas to the list.

One of them already has apetition in place, while another is still trying to implement the correctwording.

In a recent release bythe attorney general's office, a ballot proposal by Arkansans for Medical Cannabiswas shot down because of continuous wording issues. In the office's release itstated ambiguous details in the proposal included unclear definitions of legalresidents and who would regulate all usage.

Another group, Arkansansfor Compassionate Care, had its proposal approved and is out seeking petitionsignatures.

"What we strictlywant to do is allow people to have legal access to their medical marijuana,their medical cannabis," said Gary Fults, the group's president. "Other stateshave gone for adult use, that's not us."

Fults' group received thenecessary signatures in 2012 to get the measure on the ballot and it's hitting thehomestretch once again to try and put together the required 62,507 signatures.

"From now until Julywe'll collect 99 percent of our signatures," Fults said, expecting to be at amajority of the major springs festivals.

Arkansans for CompassionateCare is working to get back on the ballot after losing by a small margin ofless than two percent in the last election.

"I don't think it'sa political issue, I don't think it's a religious issue, I think it's just apeople issue."

It's expected the proposal shot down willhave to be more centrally focused before it can proceed with a petition.

As for Arkansans for Compassionate Care, ithas until July 7 to put together the required signatures.