Mark Pryor to Support "Give Arkansas a Raise Now"

(KATV) After saying for weeks that he supports a minimum wage hike in Arkansas, but not the federal minimum wage hike, Sen. Mark Pryor willofficially endorse the Give Arkansas a Raise Now ballot initiative on Saturday.

Previously, Channel 7 News reported that Democrats plan to make minimum wage a major ballot issue for the 2014 election to drive voters to the polls.

"Arkansas Democrats will likely rally around the idea of raising the minimum wage and make it a key campaign issue in 2014," said a key Arkansas Democrat involved in running one of the 2014 campaigns.

Several Democratic sources with knowledge of the plan told Channel 7 News that Democrats have taken note of how well increasing minimum wage polls among crucial swing voters.

"It's an issue that will drive independents to the polls," said a person with comprehensive knowledge of the strategy.

Pryor said in January he would support the hike, but had not officially joined with the initiative.

"There's a group in Arkansas working on this. I haven't seen all the details, but my understanding is, I think they take three years and gradually raise it up to $8.50 and it think that's a pretty reasonable approach. I think that would be good for Arkansas. I think that would be good for people in this state. We have a lot of minimum wage people in this state. I think it would be good and it would help the standard of living and what not, so if that does come together, I probably would support that," Pryor said.

Pryor asked his Facebook supporters to stand with him earlier this week by linking to a place on his web site for voters to support the initiative:

"The minimum wage needs to keep with the times, but today, it's fallen behind, leaving thousands of Arkansans in poverty and struggling to make ends meet.Arkansas is one of only nine states that have a minimum wage below the federal level. From Fayetteville to Jonesboro, from Little Rock to El Dorado, hard working families in Arkansas deserve more."