Mark Pryor launching first campaign ad as attacks continue to mount

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - With high-dollar TV ads from both the right and the left, the upcoming re-election campaign for Sen. Mark Pryor is sure to be, by far, the most difficult one he's had in his political career. But one expert says there is one major thing the senator has going for him.

Two ads have already been launched attacking Pryor one of them about his stance on gun control. University of Arkansas Little Rock political science professor, Dr. Art English, says it's just the first match of twelve long and painful rounds for the senator.

"You start softening up your opponent with jabs before you try to land some haymakers," said Dr. English.

His opponents have accused the senator of straddling the fence on key issues.

One ad, which is set to air in Little Rock and Fort Smith for the next three weeks, takes aim at Pryor's support for issues like health care, the bailout and stimulus program.

"That dries up fundraising for him, that dries up support and it makes it even a tougher race for him later on," said Dr. English.

Which is why today Pryor's campaign announced that it is preparing to launch its first ad soon.

"The Pryor name is still very very strong you get out and you run on the record of what he's done for Arkansas," said Dr. English.

Channel 7 spoke to Pryor Wednesday morning, he says he's aware of the strong opposition he faces and expects more negative ads. His first ad is set to begin airing on Friday.