Martha Shoffner's time in politics

Here's a little background information on a state politician that is now at the center of some serious allegations... Martha Shoffner.

Shoffner first jumped into political life back in 1996 when she was elected to the State House of Representatives. She was then re-elected to a second term where she served as representative until term limits forced her out.

Then in 2005 Shoffner unsuccessfully made a bid for the democratic nomination for State Auditor.@

A year later she jumped back into the political scene being elected as treasurer of the state.

She was then re-elected to a second term in 2010 and a short time later an audit revealed Shoffner's office had sold bonds before they matured. Even re-buying some of those same bonds.

More than $230,000 was reportedly invested in bonds from July 2011 to May of 2012. Those investments resulted in a loss of nearly $60,000 and more than $430,000 dollars in potential earnings.

Last September, Shoffner was asked to appear before a legislative panel concerning the audit. She didn't show up for a Friday meeting but following a subpoena she did appear before the panel the following Monday. @

In December of last year a legislative audit committee requested a criminal investigation to look into Shoffner's handling of the bond sales.

The complaint filed Monday by prosecutors is not the same as an indictment from a grand jury so Shoffner was not asked to enter a plea of any kind.