Masked man arrested after asking teen to take clothes off

Travis Spearman, 22

RUSSELLVILLE (KATV) - Russellville officers arrested a man Thursday after witnesses said they watched him put on a ski mask and ask a teenage girl to "get naked."

22-year-old Travis Spearman was charged with attempted rape and filing a false police report for the incident.

It happened around 3:30 Wednesday afternoon on South Erie Street. Witnesses told police they saw Spearman put on a ski mask and approach a teen walking down D and R Railroad tracks. The two male witnesses said they saw him order her to take her clothes off, and then the teen screamed and ran away.

The two men who saw it then chased Spearman, causing him to flee the scene.

He is on a felony hold at the Pope County Detention Center and will have a bond hearing Friday.

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