Maumelle Flooding

MAUMELLE (KATV) -Flash flooding hits the same area of Maumelle twice in less than four years. As much as six inches of rain fell on the north side of Maumelle on Sunday...but the south side of town got hardly a drop during the same time period. The area of town is the same but Mayor Mike Watson says the reasons behind the 2011 flood and the flooding yesterday are different.The parking lot that serves the Windsor town homes in Maumelle is dirty but now dry. That was not the case 24 hours ago.Motorists in Maumelle knew that the pouring rain on Sunday that seemed to park itself over the city's north side was causing flooding in the streets and into some yards. Many of the residents of Windsor town homes knew it was raining hard but were unaware that their vehicles were in jeopardy.Shannon Grimsley and her son Nick moved their cars just in time. "It shouldn't do this," says Shannon Grimsley. "There is something across the way that floods that there was a problem with before and we were under the understanding that that was fixed."Flooding back in April of 2011 damaged the insides of both Windsor town homes and the nearby Gables apartments. More than five dozen vehicles were totaled by the flash flood. In that case, city crews discovered a blockage in the drainage system.Crews have found no such problem this time. Mayor Mike Watson says the problem this time was too much rain in too short a time period for the storm drains to handle. He says this area floods because it is the lowest section on the city's northside, where water flows under the railroad spur, into a creek and then into White Oak Bayou. This event was not as bad as the flooding in 2011, but Mayor Watson says two flooding events so close together is troubling and the city will be taking a close look to see if any drainage improvements or changes are necessary. Air date: August 18th, 2014