Maumelle man arrested for soliciting a child

It's the kind of news that usually shocks people who know the offender. But we spoke to those who live close to Michael Daly and they tell me after years of watching him, it's not hard to believe the allegations.

"I'm not surprised," said Mike McCoy, Daly's neighbor.

It's the response most of the neighbors we spoke to had to the news about Michael Daly. Michael McCoy, who lives across the street, says something about Daly was just off.

"He's is a bit odd and he admits to that," said McCoy.

McCoy says Daly was a Vietnam war veteran who lived alone, seemed depressed and going through some tough times.

"I think some tough times in regards to Vietnam and tough times in general for him and I feel very badly for him," said McCoy.

But it was this supposed lonely man who picked up the phone one day and police say made a phone call which eventually led to a secret meeting at a local Wendy's.

"A member of their family had received some unwanted conversation. It probably possibly could have been the result of a wrong number. Someone calling the wrong number," said McCoy.

Maumelle police say the family contacted them about the inappropriate conversations. They then went undercover and an officer pretended to be the young girl.

"He made arrangements to meet what he thought would be a 14-year-old female for the purpose of engaging in sexual intercourse," said

Nonetheless, neighbors feel it is a sad situation

"But nonetheless it's a tragedy," said McCoy.

Daly was released Friday afternoon and has a court date set for Saturday morning.