Man and woman wanted in a string of armed robberies

MAUMELLE (KATV) - Police departments areworking together to look for a man and woman involved in a string of robberies.The suspects, armed with a semi-automatic weapon have been linked to robberiesin North Little Rock and Maumelle.

The Waffle House hasreopened and Maumelle police are doing extra patrols. They want the suspects incustody, especially before they injure someone.

North Little Rock Policereleased video from April 19 and May 11. Both robberies were at the Best ShotLiquor store. It shows two people disguised from head to toe, wearing gloves. Onehas a semi-automatic weapon, the other a hand gun. They are aggressive and getin and out in less than a minute each time. They got away with a total of about$500 from the liquor store.

Lt. Jim Hansard with the MaumellePolice Department says the Waffle House video is similar. "Same attire, tactics,accent and same type weapons. We are relatively sure. This would be a monumentalcoincidence if it is not related."

Kami, a customer whodoesn't want to give her last name, was at Waffle House with a friend themorning of the robbery. She says the suspects got in through a back door atabout 2 a.m. Thursday. "I looked up and the swinging door from the back to thekitchen opened. Then two people from the kitchen came in and one was holding [whatappeared to be] an AK47."

Kami says the man had a Spanishaccent, the woman did not. They pointed a gun at her and checked if she was ona cell phone or had a gun. "He went back around and got the money out of thecash register and they left."

It all lasted less than aminute. Fear turned to concern when the suspects left. Kami explains, "The cookat Waffle House had a mild heart attack and the waitresses were a bit shaken upbut thank God everybody turned out ok."

Lt. Hansard says so far inall these cases everyone has complied and handed over the money. "We cautionpeople not to play cowboy in this situation at all. Compliance is the key inthese things unfortunately."

No one has physically beenassaulted in the three robberies.