Maxwell Smart Computer Repair


When you take your car to a repair shop, you expect to get the same car back once it is fixed.

one Little Rock woman says the same rule did not hold true for her computer repair shop.

Was it lost? Was it stripped for parts? Ashlea Bennett says she doesn't know. She just wants her old computer back.

14 years ago Maxwell Smart Enterprises was raided. Owner Dwight Holmes got probation and a fine for selling pirated movies and compact discs.

Holmes says he learned his lesson and now operates a legit business...Maxwell Smart Computer Repair.

Holmes invited us in and showed us around...without a camera.

There are laptop computers everywhere. Business is good. At least for most.

"I knew there was something wrong when he was saying 'Well it's too much work. Why don't we just switch everything over," recalls Ashlea Bennett of Little Rock.

Bennett says she took the laptop she uses as a student at Pulaski Tech to Maxwell Smart when the screen and keyboard disconnected and the battery died.

She says the computer she got back looks nothing like the computer she dropped off.

(NOTE: It was actually Bennett's husband who dropped off and picked up her computer at her request).

It doesn't have a working web cam, it no longer has Windows and the hard drive doesn't contain all her documents, photos and files.

(NOTE: Mr. Holmes says the computer Ms. Bennett got back does contain Windows but lacked Microsoft Office, something she says her computer had before it was dropped off).

Holmes assures us it may not look the same or perform the same but he did repair and return Bennett's computer.

"It looks nice but when you turn it on and try to operate it and try to do the same things I used my computer for I'm not getting any success," says Bennett.

There is only one complaint against Maxwell Smart Computer Repair filed with the Better Business Bureau...and it has been resolved.

Air date: February 21st, 2014