UPDATE: Exxon Responds to Mayflower homeowner kicked off of his property

Update:{} Channel Seven spoke with an Exxon representative Friday morning.{} They apologized for the way the homeowner and Jeannette Reyes were treated by the contractor who escorted them off the homeowner's property.{}

MAYFLOWER (KATV) - It's been more than a month since Mayflower homeowners were evacuated from their homes and Exxon is still calling the shots.

Ryan Senia still pays his mortgage, taxes and even his utility bills but today he learned that Exxon decides when he can and can't go on his property.

"I've prepared for like a tornado, a flood but I never thought about something like this," said Senia, a homeowner in the North Woods subdivision.

It's the kind of thing you can't prepare for or even expect to happen, a major oil spill and clean up efforts forcing you out of your home.

"It's going to be a long time before we're actually moved back in," said Senia.

And it's already been a long time for Senia, 41 days to be exact.

"Everything has been severely impacted. I don't sleep the same or eat the same," he said.

Exxon says it lets evacuated homeowners briefly visit their homes whenever they want.{}Thursday they decided that wouldn't be the case.

Shortly after stepping onto Senia's property, we were both told to leave immediately by an unidentified Exxon official who said it was blocked off because of construction.

"What I don't understand is that we're told that we have the right to be here as property owners," said Senia.{}"We're not in the way, we're not bothering other people and sometimes they just kick us out."

Meanwhile, countless people from Exxon and other agencies go in and out of his home.

"It's very distressing," said Senia.{}"Sometimes it feels like there's an invading army just in your house."

Senia says after many agonizing weeks of this ordeal and strangers deciding when he can enter his own home, he's just tired.

"After a month it just starts to get old," said Senia. "I don't think about moving in anymore. It's not something that's on my agenda."

We reached out to two representatives from Exxon for comment and no one got back to us.