Mayflower residents discuss health concerns in town hall meeting

FAULKNER COUNTY (KATV) - It's been just over five months since the Pegasus pipeline ruptured spewing more than 10-thousand gallons of oil onto the streets and lawns of a Mayflower subdivision.

Almost all of the oil has been picked up, and although the neighborhood may look the same,{}Saturday morning{}residents discussed some of the lingering health effects of that disaster.

The Faulkner County Citizens Advisory Group (FCCAG) talked with residents about what research they've done so far since the spill as well as what they can expect. This comes just few days before the state also begins lending a hand by providing health assessments for residents. The advisory group says it's all just the tip of the iceberg though.

"That's a big concern for people and it's something that has just begun to be addressed by the state," said April Lane,{}board member{}of the FCCAG. "There's a lot more research needed to be done in Mayflower and there's a lot more concerns that residents have and need to be addressed."

Officials say they'll be able to answer more questions for affected residents once{}that additional{}research is done.