Mayflower residents start recovery, remember the fallen

Mark Bradley (right) was killed in Sunday's tornado

During the day in Mayflower, volunteers and are scattered around town offering help to clean up, donated food and giving hugs to those in need. But once the sun sets, the town grows eerie quite. {}For some Mayflower residents, life as they know has drastically changed. Debby Lee spent most of her day sitting on her brother's blanket. Debby's brother, Mark Bradley, was killed in Sunday's tornado at 51 years old. Debby told KATV that Mark loved to fish, watch Razorback sports and help others. On Tuesday, she sat on his Razorback blanket over where Mark's dog was buried, also killed in the tornado. "He's in a better place now" says Debby. A few blocks away, Ruth Boozer sits quietly with her family in the front yard surrounded by the muddy remains of her home. "I'm one of the lucky ones" says Ruth, "everyone is still alive." But what has Ruth losing sleep is her oldest son. Before the storm, he was paralyzed from years before, now he's at St. Vincent's Hospital after being thrown more than 50 yards. His family says he gets better every day.