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      Mayor seeks to build lodge at Burns Park

      NORTH LITTLE ROCK - Mayor Joe Smith has submitted a resolution to build a lodge at Burns Park that could serve visitors to the park.

      The resolution says there's a need for lodging near the park, which hosts manly recreational and athletic tournaments.

      The mayor's proposal says a 70+ acre parcel of land for the lodge has been identified and, "would be an ideal location for a lodge".

      The resolution also includes a section calling for a deal with the U.S. National Parks Service and the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism, to achieve a "land conversion" of the Burn Park property for land inside the Big Rock Quarry.

      A public outcry in 2012 stopped the city from developing condominiums at the quarry, and a task force later recommended that the quarry property not be used for commercial development.

      The North Little Rock City Council meets Monday night.