McCready death raising awareness about suicidal behavior

Country singer Mindy McCready's apparent suicide from a self-inflicted gunshot wound has shocked the country music industry.

It also happened in the same town of Heber Springs where her then boyfriend, David Wilson, was also found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gun shot wound.

Her prior years of rehab and suspected attempts at suicide made national news, and now a well known psychiatrist speaks out that she wasn't getting the help she needed.

Dr. Drew Pinksy said he tried to help McCready's situation on the show "Celebrity Rehab," in 2010. He believes McCready's disease, as he called it, wasn't drawing enough concern from those around her.

"People were not stepping up and getting her the care she needed, low and behold you have a death," Pinksy said during a CNN interview.

"This is a deadly process and it has to be given the priority and the attention to services that we do other illnesses."

That's the view of the widely known Dr. Drew. If loved ones were not stepping in during an emotional time for the singer, it could've increased the possibility of her taking her own life.

Little Rock clinical neuropsychologist Dr. AJ Zolten believes it's a difficult mindset to control without outside support.

"Sure, suicide is preventable. It's in large measure because people who are concerned about their family members or friends communicate that concern to the person they think is at risk," he said.

Zolten, with the Arkansas Foundation for Suicide Prevention, said many times people are hesitant about reaching out to ailing loved ones.

"Communicate with care. Let them know that you're concerned, but don't try to solve their problems right there, just let them know that you're there," Zolten said.

Dr. Zolten said there are several signs to look for, but make sure to never shrug off a threat.

"That same person may say, 'Oh I'm not going to do anything, but just in case.' Take that seriously."

According to doctors this is a very in-depth issue that needs awareness about its seriousness. Here are a couple of helpful links from them if you are interested in helping someone you know.