Answers from Dustin McDaniel

Dustin McDaniel was not available for an interview on Friday but he did (through a spokesperson) answer some of our questions by email.


Q: Did McDaniel know he'd be dropping out of the race when he held the press conference with reporters earlier this month?If not, what changed that changed his mind?A: "No, this is about what is best for Arkansas. {}Right now this campaign is about me and that was never my intent. This campaign needs to be about the future of our state and its people. But it's become evident in the last two weeks that with me in the race, the focus will be on me - my personal life and my bad decisions - instead of on our future. That's what has changed. I can't let that happen to the state and the people I've devoted my life to serving. {}I'm going to keep my focus on being Attorney General. I stand by my statements at the press conference."Q: What will happen to the money that he has raised and hasn't spent (and about how much is that)?A: "We will pay the expenses to close out our campaign and we'll be following the appropriate election law to return the remainder to our donors. {}General and run-off money will be returned dollar-for-dollar, and primary funds will be returned pro rata to donors."Q: Were there any specific personal attacks that led to this decision?A:"No, this decision was about what is best for our state, our people, my family and the Democratic Party."Q: Any plans to run for political office after his term as AG is up? Or does he know what he plans to do?A: "I plan to have a lot more time for myself and my family. {}I suspect professionally I will return to the practice of law, but right now my focus is on serving out my term as attorney general with honor and to the benefit of the people of this state who elected me."