Meet the New Oaklawn Announcer, Frank Mirahmadi

(KATV) Hot Springs - Friday, the start of the live horse racing season begins. All the familiar comforts will return including those corn beef sandwiches, but the voice of Oaklawn has changed.

After 37-years, Terry Wallace has retired, he is an ambassador and still walks the halls and makes decisions, but has decided to give someone else a chance. That person is Frank Mirahmadi, he is from Los Angeles and has travel the nation calling races for two-decades.

Mirahmadi's love and fascination with horse racing began as a child, the thoroughbreds, jockeys and excited crowds got him hooked, the rest is history.

Mirahmadi says the job offer is a dream come true, ""When we get in the announcing field you think of great opportunities that maybe one day you'll be able to get to. Oaklawn was never on my radar, never thought I could be the Oaklawn announcer one day, because when you think of Oaklawn, you think of Terry Wallace and you don't consider that a possibility."

When Terry Wallace decided to end his 20,191 consecutive calling streak, it was Mirahmadi who was brought in to call the race. In 2011 the job position was available and Mirahmadi applied, "They're shoes that really can't be filled. What I'm trying to accomplish here is coming into this situation, my goal for the fans out there would be for them to talk as little about the track announcer as possible. For me I think that would be victory."

If you'd like a tip on how to make a solid bet, Mirahmadi says, "See which horses have performed well at Oaklawn. It's like they have a home court advantage. Every track is unique and if they've done well before, they're familiar with the surroundings.

This year for the first time you can wager from your smart phone without having to get in line.

Mirahmadi concludes, "I want everyone to know that I will be giving you 110-percent everyday. I'm here to honor Oaklawn and hopefully the fans will be pleased."