Men arrested, reportedly steal $2,700 in lottery tickets

Search Warrant location

(KATV) Baxter County - Two men are in custody in the Baxter County Detention Center on charges related to the burglary of a convenience store in Lakeview and theft of lottery tickets.

On November 13, at about 9:40 p.m., Baxter County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a burglary alarm at the Snappy Mart Convenience Store in Lakeview. When deputies arrived, they found that a window had been broken out at the store and entry made. Preliminary observations revealed that a plexiglass display rack that contained a quantity of Arkansas lottery tickets was missing.

A joint investigation into the burglary was initiated by the Sheriff's Office and the Lakeview Police Department. It was determined that 1,116 scratch-off Arkansas lottery tickets had been stolen with a face value of $2,725.00.

Lakeview Police officials immediately contacted the Arkansas Lottery Commission in Little Rock to report the theft in order that blocks could be placed on those tickets should anyone attempt to redeem winning tickets.

At about 11:12 that evening, a then-unidentified man attempted to redeem 21 scratch-off lottery tickets at a gas station. It was captured on the store's security video system. The Lottery Commission had already flagged the tickets as stolen, and the suspect was unable to redeem them.

The next morning, the same suspect attempted to redeem tickets at a liquor store. He was denied there too.

November 14th, a woman filed a police report with the Sheriff's Office. She stated that David Scott Albrecht,30, offered her $87.00 in scratched lottery tickets. She purchased them for $27.00. When she tried to redeem them in Gassville, the clerk said they have been reported stolen.

Sheriff's deputies executed a search warrant at David Scott Albrecht's home in Whiteville and found scratch-off lottery tickets in the trash. The numbers on the tickets matched those that had been stolen from the Lakeview Snappy Mart. Remnants of the plexiglass display case were found in a burn barrel outside.

During the investigation, Garrett Dean Marler, 20, of Lakeview was developed as the suspect in the Snappy Mart burglary, as well as the person who had attempted to redeem stolen lottery tickets at the two Midway businesses.

Officers learned that Marler would be traveling by vehicle to his residence in Lakeview later that evening. Lakeview Police set up to watch for him. He was located and taken into custody. He initially told officers that the remaining lottery tickets had been destroyed, however 848 of the stolen tickets were later recovered at his home.

Garrett Dean Marler is being held on three felonies, Commercial Burglary, Theft of Property and 24 counts of Lottery Fraud. Marler has a bond of $35,000.00, and he is scheduled to appear in Circuit Court on November 21st.

David Scott Albrecht is being held on two misdemeanor, Theft by Receiving and Contempt of Court.

Albrecht has a bond of $790.00, and he will appear in District Court on November 21st.

Agencies involved in the investigation and subsequent arrests were the Baxter County Sheriff's Office, Lakeview Police Department, Gassville Police Department, 14th Judicial Drug Task Force, and the Securities and Fraud Division of the Arkansas Lottery Commission.