Men identified in deadly Cabot fight


The two men involved in a deadly fight in Cabot Saturday morning have been identified.Steven McCraw, 24, knocked on the door of Carl Hambrick's home at 12 Carol Cove around 1:00 a.m. Saturday.{}When Hambrick, 51, answered, McCraw attacked him, according to police.Sgt. Keith Graham, spokesperson for the Cabot Police Dept., said although he does not believe McCraw had a gun, he did physically attack Hambrick with an unknown object, hitting him in the head several times.{}Sgt. Graham said Hambrick fought back, possibly using a baseball bat."Using some kind of an object which I'm not sure of now, he started hitting him until he stopped moving basically," Sgt. Graham said.McCraw was later pronounced dead at an area hospital.The two men knew each other, according to Sgt. Graham."I don't think the citizens of Cabot need to be worried or be afraid or anything," Sgt. Graham said. "I believe it was something that happened between them two and that's it. I don't think it was something random where he was trying to break into the house or anything like that."