Meter Box Blowout


Doing laundry at 2:30 in the morning may have saved the lives of one Little Rock family.

That's because that is the hour an electric box on the side of the house decided to fail in dramatic fashion.

Brandon and Sabrina Pulley have been married less than three months.

They thought they had a place that they and their blended family could call home...but the meter box on the side of that home had been stolen.

Getting it replaced has not gone well.

Less than two days after hiring master electrician Dana Ross and Ross II Electric of Little Rock to put a new meter box on their home, a charred hole is all that remains.

"So as I go back I'm still washing clothes and as I go back I started hearing this 'Boom, Boom...Pow Pow' loud noise...and it was kinda vibrating the house," recalls Sabrina Pulley.

"The part that he started jumping out of the meter box," says Brandon Pulley. "So I'm like 'What is that? What is that?' So I go outside and that's where the sparks and stuff was coming from. So I told her to get the kids and everybody and get out."

Even though the Pulleys say they questioned how the job was being done at the time, both their electrician and an Entergy representative on hand assured them everything was fine.

Now...neither side will accept any responsibility for a fire that seems more than coincidental.

"So who do you guys think is responsible?"

"Equally," answers Brandon Pulley.

"Dana Ross," offers Sabrina Pulley. "Dana Ross and Entergy. Because they both stood there and did the work. They...both of them. Entergy stood there through the end, the beginning, the middle."

Entergy's insurance adjuster has written the Pulleys a letter that reads in part "Because this loss was not due to any fault or negligence attributable to Entergy, we have no alternative but to respectfully decline payment of your claim."

Dana Ross told me by phone today about the same thing...that he hooked things up properly and that he doesn't feel anything was done wrong by him.

It will cost an estimated $8,000.00 to make the home habitable again.

Air date: October 25th, 2013