Mike Huckabee holds fundraiser in Little Rock

After making national headlines over the past months, a former Arkansas governor visits his home state. Mike Huckabee paid a visit to some Little Rock residents earlier this afternoon for a fundraiser.

It was a chilly afternoon outside but Huckabee's supporters did not seem to mind at all as he riled them up talking about the election and the possibility that Arkansas might make history in this upcoming election.

"For the first time ever we believe that Arkansas going turn red not just Razorback red but Republican red," said Lt. Governor{}Mark Darr.

But the celebration of Arkansas turning red for the general election was not complete without former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee.

"He's just an entertaining personality and very encouraging and just to hear words of wisdom from him will be great," said Darr.

Huckabee spoke on all the excitement but also on Arkansas being largely ignored during the presidential election.

"A lot of states are getting ignored Arkansas once was a swing states and we had visits from the presidential candidates all the time," said Mike Huckabee. "Arkansas is state that is safely going to go Republican this year at the presidential level," he said.

But it has not been all smooth sailing for Republicans during the elections. Missouri congressman, Todd Aiken, shook up the republican party after his comments on rape. Huckabee still chose to endorse him. He insists it was just a mistake all politicians have made.

"You know Todd Aiken made a verbal gaffe that all of us have made at some point or another you see the presidential candidates do it. Obama's done it, Joe Biden's, my gosh, he's a gaff-o-matic," said Huckabee.

But the afternoon was not about mistakes made but rather what Republicans will do if Mitt Romney takes office.

"We're going to take the majority in our legislature for the first time and so with that comes responsibility and we're kind of here tonight to celebrate that," said Darr.