Mills Student Signs with Razorbacks Swim Team

(KATV,Source: PCSSD) Jessie Garrison, 18, of Little Rock, is senior at Wibur D. MillsUniversity Studies High School. Thursday, she signed her letter of intent tojoin the Arkansas Razorback swim team this fall.

AfterGarrison put pen to paper in a ceremony at the school's gymnasium, the crowdenthusiastically called the hogs. She was joined by Mills Athletic DirectorRaymond Cooper, Principal Veronica Perkins, Dolphin-Laser Swim Coach KyleCormier, family and fellow students.

Garrison,who has been swimming since she was nine, was the number one recruit in thestate. She has been Swimmer of the Year for the State of Arkansas eight timesand has been to Junior National Swimming Championship four times. She has along list of records, including that she was first in the nation in the 13-year-old age group for the 800-meter freestyle. That same year she was second inthe nation in the 200 Meter butterfly. The butterfly is her signature stroke.

Her coach,Laser-Dolphin's Kyle Cormier, said Garrison has "mental toughness and theability to handle the highs and lows of the sport better than anybody I haveever seen. She will be on a team where everybody will be dominant and talented,but it will be her mental fortitude that will separate her," he said. Cormiersaid as part of the Southeastern Conference, the Razorback swim team is knownfor world-class athletes.

Garrison ispart of the Mill's Scholars Program and has a 3.3 grade point average.

"She is anoutstanding student, and we are very proud of her hard work and success in thewater and in the classroom," Perkins, the school's principal, said. "Go Comets,and go Razorbacks!"

(Pictures Courtesy: Pulaski County Special School District)