Minor wrecks can damage car seats

There have been a lot of accidents on our roadways this month, many because of the weather, but did you know that if your car seat was in the car during that wreck it may no longer be safe? That news surprised the Yakoubian family after a recent accident."The impact was fairly minimal, but it was on that side of the vehicle where (Preston) was at, and he was screaming. When the ambulance got there, they put him on the board with a neck brace," said Andria Yakoubian.The doctor at Arkansas Children's Hospital delivered the good news that Preston was fine, but he also delivered some advice."We hadn't been to emergency room two or three minutes when the doctor said, get rid of that car seat," said Yakoubian."They're really meant as a one time use, just like your seatbelt, just like the airbag," explained ACH Child Passenger Safety Program Manager Holly Terry.That's true even when the child isn't in the seat during the accident. That information was as scary as this wreck itself to the Yakoubians. This was the second accident one of those seats had been through."We had drove around from that first wreck with the car seats without thinking they may not work the next time, and that's what's horrifying," said Yakoubian.It's a common mistake that Terry is working to change.{}"They think it was just a fender big deal. When in reality, you probably still need to replace it because the car seat may have damage that you can't see," said Terry.Insurance will typically foot the bill. Along with a new car seat, the Yakoubians now have a renewed piece of mind."That's what's so good to know now, once we get the car back and get these brand new car seats installed, we're good," said Yakoubian.


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