Misrepresented Rental

A Little Rock woman thought she had found a new home for her family...and she put money down to claim itonly to later discover she had been tricked.

$850.00 is a lot of money for a single mother of four.

It was money Cora Hair says she couldn't afford to loseand still hopes to get back.

Cora and her daughter Mariah re-visit what could have beena home she found for rent in the classified ads.

She met with the man running the ad.

"His name was J.Wthat's all I know," recalls Cora. "He was a black guy, bald."

"An older guy?"

"Yes," answers Cora.


"Yes," she says.

"And he represented that he was the owner of the house?"

"Yes," says Ms. Hair.

"And he was going to rent it to you?"

"Yes," she replies.

Cora says J.W. could stand for Josh Woodlow.she is not sure.

J.W. collected $850.00 for a security deposit and first month's rent, but Cora and her family never lived a day in the home.

When she came to move in there was still a family living inside.

So Cora had a key that worked but no where to live.

Now the home is empty, but the deadbolt lock has been changed.

So where has Cora and her family been living?

"Here and there," answers Cora. "Motels, you knowspending, you know$400, $500. I've got receipts, but you know" "

You found a place now?"

"Yeah, I found a place, you knowbut I'm looking for" Cora says before trailing off.

"But this set you back?"

"Yes," answers Cora.

This afternoon we did visit with the owner of the property in question and he said he was unaware of the problem and asked for a chance to research and try to get to the bottom of what happened.

We are going to give him that chance and things will hopefully take a turn for the better for Ms. Hair and her family soon.

Air date: January 29th, 2013