Missing 9-year-old's father says son is doing well

LITTLE ROCK (KATV)--A 9-year-old boy is safe and at home tonight, after missing for nearly 24 hours.

The Amber Alert was canceled around 3 p.m. today, after Terrell Holloway was found in an alley near his home.

Channel 7 spoke with his father after Holloway was returned home. Lee Holloway said, they're happy and relieved that the worst did not happen.

"Just not knowing what was going on, thinking the worst in some cases, and hoping for the best," said Holloway.

Just earlier on Tuesday, the young boy's family was pleading to find their missing boy. Holloway had last seen him around 6 at his home on Spring Street Monday evening.

An Amber Alert was issued Tuesday morning with police and the community aggressively searching. By 3 p.m. Tuesday, police found Holloway in a nearby alley on Broadway Street.

"Still trying to roll that over in my mind ...that close? We've all been through the neighborhood, combed through the neighborhood, just one of those spots in the shadows that you don't see," added Holloway.

Holloway added, the first thing he did when he saw his son was hug him, then eventually asked him What have you been doing for the past nearly 24 hours?

"He said he just bundled up against the building and stayed warm and that was it, said he didn't go anywhere, stayed in one place," added Holloway.

Holloway was taken to the children's hospital for an evaluation. His father said, his feet were just a little tender and he was a little dehydrated, but other than that, just a normal boy resting at home now. He isn't sure if he'll be back in school tomorrow, but will be back in soon.