Missing Maltese Found, Questions Remain


When you leave your dog at the groomers you may worry that it will be anxious, angry or uncooperative.

But you shouldn't have to worry about your dog escaping.

That is the belief of one North Little Rock family.

Did a purebred dog make a break for it...or was she taken?

That is a question that remains unanswered.

Like most pets, Shadow is an important member of Denise White's family.

"She was a Christmas gift three Christmases ago," recalls White.

White took her purebred Maltese to Petco for a grooming appointment on January 3rd.

When she arrived to pick Shadow up, white was given some shocking news.

"Shadow is gone," White recalls a Petco employee telling her. "I was like Shadow is gone? I thought she was playing a joke on me. I was like...Shadow is gone? What you mean? She was like she ran out the door...they are chasing her now on foot. So I immediately got in my vehicle and went to go search for her also. They said she ran across McCain Boulevard."

Five lanes of McCain boulevard.

Eventually an off-duty Petco employee called to say he thought he saw Shadow in the woods near Springhill Baptist Hospital. And sure enough...that is where she was...not dirty, not tired, not thirsty, not scared.

Which caused the Whites to not believe the story that little Shadow just ran to freedom past Petco employees, out three doors, and across a huge parking lot and busy boulevard.

"I hate to say but...I think somebody was trying to, you know, take her," says White.

So what does Petco have to say?

A spokesperson with Petco, Stacy Stark, sent us a statement that reads: "The health and safety of animals is always our top priority and we take this very seriously. We're glad that Shadow was recovered quickly and safely returned to her family. After thoroughly investigating the situation, we have taken corrective measures to prevent this from happening again."

What corrective measures? We have asked, but Petco hasn't answered.

Air date: January 13th, 2014