Mitt Romney endorses Cotton for Senate

The Arkansas U.S. Senate race that has grabbed the attention of political observers around the country. Even former presidential candidate Mitt Romney commented on the importance of Arkansas's election."This could well be the race that determines who will have the majority in the Senate," said Romney who was in North Little Rock to throw his support behind Republican candidate Rep. Tom Cotton. During the press conference, Cotton called attention to health care which he sees as one of the most important issues in this campaign."The health care system was broken 5 years ago. There's no doubt about that. We had real problems, health insurance cost too much, people with pre-existing conditions didn't have access to health care. We should have addressed those problems without imposing all the new costs that Obamacare did," said Cotton.Sen. Mark Pryor says the law isn't perfect, but he says it has done good things for thousands of Arkansans."About 240,000 people in the state that have private insurance today that didn't have it a year ago, but at the same time it still has some rough edges that we need to work through, and hopefully we can work through that in a bipartisan way," said Pryor.Pryor was at the Pine Bluff arsenal to present a$10 million appropriation that he helped secure.