Mission to find missing model airplanes

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - One Little Rock woman is on a mission to find some missing model airplanes. They were built by her father and put on display for 15 years.This effort is not fueled by monetary gain. The search is purely sentimental.The Arkansas Aerospace Education Center has been closed nearly four years and will soon be demolished. Pem McRae was a founding member."He was a pilot...private pilot," recalls McRae's daughter Anne Crosby. "And flew commercially for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. And just had a love for aviation."Anne Crosby says her father died in 2009. His model airplane collection was on display inside the museum. She is now trying to get it back for her grandchildren.She has photos of the model planes but has no idea where they ended up. Large items were auctioned off to help pay debt. But smaller objects were donated or stored. The question is...where?"With your help I talked with Dick Holberg with Central Flying Service and he was very accommodating and understanding and in fact knew my dad from years back," says Crosby. "And um, when I send him pictures he is going to be on the trail too."If Pem McRae was given paperwork showing that his planes were on loan and not given to the museum, his daughter doesn't have it.Most of McRae's belongings were lost in a fire one year before his death...another reason Anne Crosby wants to find these connections to her father's life.Air date: July 30th, 2014